Roles: Game Designer, Level Designer and Programmer



Downloadable on ITCH.IO, Dignity is a first person adventure game developed in Unreal. The player plays as a homeless person who really needs to go to the washroom. The catch being that this homeless person has too much dignity to go outside. This starts their adventure to use the public restroom of a cafe that only allows access if your a paying customer.


The level features a bagging mechanic, interactions similar to a point and click adventure game and puzzling with economy.


I was responsible for all aspects of this project.


• I created a feature that allows the player to have simple but interesting interactions with both people and objects.


• I developed a begging mechanic that acts as a means to provide a supplementary amount of money to the player so that the puzzle isn’t impossible to complete. This bagging mechanic went through a few iterations to insure it had enough interactivity and it didn’t kill the pacing. It is possible to beat the entire game by just bagging but it would take a large amount of time.


• I laid out the level in a way that communicated all the information the player needed to draw conclusions without directly telling them. For example there is a menu board in the cafe communicating it is a coffee shop.

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