Out Of Time(2018-2019)

Roles:Game Designer,Art Director,Programmer, And Level Designer



Featured at the 2019 Level up showcase event, Out Of Time is a multiplayer 2D arena shooter where the players play as ninjas who can shoot kunai, rewind time and melee dash.


The game features 2 levels with different environments and various types of weapon pickups. 

On this project my roles were art director, game designer and UI programmer.


• As art director I directed a team of artists in delivering art assets on time and to specifications. I had regular meetings  with each department of the art team as well as provided reference for them to work from.

• As a game designer on the project I contributed to designing and evolving features. In the beginning, It was closer to a bullet hell game where the players have unlimited ammo and a high fire rate. It later transformed into a tighter experience where the player had a toned down fire rate and extremely limited health. The players time abilities also went through many changes in order to try and make them both appealing to use.

 The level I designed for the game is a futuristic laboratory level that encourages the players to move around by having to avoid a stage hazard.

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