Pushing Through...(2018)

Roles:Game Designer,Level Designer and Programmer




Developed as a summer project for fun and personal growth, Pushing Through is a 2D puzzle platformer published on Steam in September 2018.


Players play as Gernuti of the Empenta Clan who has the ability to push, pull and Manipulate blocks with his ancient staff. The game features 5 levels and a huge variety of puzzles for the player to push through.


I was responsible for all aspects of this project except the art. Things I designed and implemented include: 


• A system that allows players to push and pull blocks as well as the rules for how these blocks interact with other blocks, and the world.

• A checkpoint system that allowed players to respawn

 their personal block and reset of the area.


• A feature that allows the player to pan their camera in a limited distance of them to allow more informed decisions in trying to solve a puzzle.

• 5 levels each with their own unique theme and bonus areas where players can find collectibles.

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