Roles: Game Designer and programmer


"It’s a very impressive little adventure that delivers a tense, atmospheric and cerebral horror experience. The puzzle design is excellent and it generally stays clear of cheap jump scares, yet still has some very scary moments and a deep sense of dread throughout."

---Free Games Planet


 Featured on CBC’s The Nature Of Things in 2020 and published on ITCH.IO. Veiled is a first person horror adventure game where Players play as a mother carrying out the final steps of an occult ritual to bring back her dead child. In order to do this player must navigate a suburban home, Solve ritualistic puzzles and communicate via text with an unknown presence. This game was inspired by: Silent Hill P.T, and Firewatches walkie talkie mechanic.


I acted as a game designer, and programmer on this project.


• I built the system that allows the player text the ghost with an in game cellphone and receive replies based on if keywords were entered. The ghost can also send texts to the player at scripted moments.


• The puzzles I was responsible for was:


The delineations of the chapels: The player has to walk clockwise in simple shapes at different locations of the house to draw magic circles


The sacrament of light: The player must light candles in a specific order.


The invocation of the name: A  scavenger hunt where the player has to collect 5 items and then expose them to moonlight.


The Binding of words:  The player must text special words they’ve been rewarded with over the course of the game in specific locations to mark the walls with the word being texted. Over the course of this puzzle various spooky events happen.


• I designed a handful of key moments including :

the first encounter with the monster in the basement, the picture falling in the upstairs hallway and the grand finale where you are locked in the downstairs bathroom.

• I ensured the game was playable from beginning to end and designed the gating of the players progression.

• Lastly I created The grimoire UI which acts as the players quest log throughout the game.

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